Quest log

To join quest, look on quest assigment, make picture corresponding to the assigmen with all required info in describtion including name of quest and/or link to it's pages here on blogger. This should be submited to this folder in group.  If there will be any info missing, your quest won't be evaluated.
Quests entries can be submited till 26th of each month! Quest entries submited after this time will be evaulated next month. Entries with missing info will be evaluated next month, if missing info is added.
Quest participation/completion is connected to specific characters. If one character fails unrepeatable quest, other characters can try their luck.



Any mount and/or character can join. 

Rider specific

Only hummanoid characters can take this quest. 

Mount specific

Quest is designed for specific mount species/subspecies/breed.


Character cannot repeat such qeust even if failed. 


Character can repeat such qeust every year or two years.

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