Terbulin's skin

Feathertailed/bird dragon + rider only.

Snakes. It has to be snakes.
Terbulins are around 9m long pythons with prismatic, rainbow scales They have various patterns and seems to be mesmerizingly shaping it's colors by every movement.
This snake, as all snakes, sheds it's skin in huge chunks. Even though it's shed, skin's qualities are still high. And the best part: It is heat resistant. Becasue of this resistance, it's commonly used as material of dragon equipement.
Terbulin snakes are native to tropical rainforest of Restra (Nothern Coldaira). Dragon riders commonly go searching for parts of shed skin, it's uncommon to kill the snake itself, as it would only decrease population and it's eonomically inconvinient.
Parts of skin are then brought back to the dragon farm on Dragon Island (Small island east from Colderra), where artisan Philip uses them for creation of custom tacks.

Visual reference



Draw one picture. 
Picture requires fullbody or halfbody of dragon and rider.
Allowed gear of items: Any
Considered stats: -
Score factors: no score
Draw your rider and dragon in any part of this quest. Finding skin, fighting displeased terbulin, wathcing the snake, traveling to the place, dealing with artisan Philip, flying over jugnle, walking in jungle, break on the way to take a rest, lookin throught maps, encountering any wild animals, bandits, Dumoshans, struggels around the way...

WoC - Quest: Terbulin's skin by markytanka On the way by Magidaa And now it's easy...maybe by Conall22
Pictures do not display rainforest, as it wasn't specified in first ever of this quest.


Unprocessed terbulin skin (can be used for creation of 2 different custom uncommon items in terbulin colors) or one variant of dragon saddle and bridle made of varnished Terbulin skin.
Rarity: uncommon
Item type: bridle / travel gear
Bonus: +2 obedience
Dragon only

Rarity: uncommon
Item type: saddle / travel gear
Bonus: +2 obedience
Dragon only

(From left: green, black, white, unvarnished, brown, red, blue)

Saddle system

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