Seamstress in stress

"This is and faux pas! I cannot show at the ball without new gown. I need something new, fresh, inspiring-" says Sienna, the human dress maker while looking at her huge wardrobe full of remarkable, high class evening dresses, blauses and skirts. She turns her head on you: "I've heard you own some ridable animals. I've always been scared of anything besides carriage and my pet cat. But perhaps dress inspired by animal could be just right idea. Can you draw? Could you try to do a concept of them? I will sew the dress for you." she offers and smiles.

Everybody knows Sienna, she's remarkably good seamstress living in Zindar, the main city of Colderrian kingdom. She's also personal clothier of king himself (and gossip: she has crush on the king. Which king considers as foolish and tries to avoid her as much as possible without being rude). Her, asking for new inspiration, is very rare.

Visual reference
Sienna Leevaurdyn
















Draw concept of fancy clothing.
Considered stats: -
Score factors: no score
The dress has to be inspired by your mount (not necesarilly from Colderra, other ARPG creatures are allowed).
Picture requires fullbody, colored depiction of dress.
No background is needed, unless you want to keep it sassy and polished for your profile.
Picture can be done in form of actuall concept, or as your ride trying on the dress, or your rider creating the concept... as long as there's well visible design of the clothing, you have artistic freedom. 

In picture describtion link which mount you used as inspiration, and which rider was completing this quest.


  • +10 rit
  • +2 fame
  • Dress protoype (based on your concept) made by Sienna.
Item stats:
If suit consisting of more parts, it will grant bonus only worn as set.
Rarity: uncommon
Item type: fullbody clothing / show gear
Bonus: +2 elegance
Rider only.

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