The Black Pearl

Repetition with same character is possible two years after your last Black Pearl submission with that character.
Above all mighty water unicorns, there's one the most powerfull. 
In original nagian language his name is Zan'Axivotaaru, translated as Black Pearl. He's so powerfull, that simple touch of his black body, can fulfill one of your wishes.
Legend says, that he times to times walks out of the seas to see his reflexion in stilll, limpid lake.

Mages from Mage college in King's Port (town in eastern Colderra) did research about him and found out, that the Black Pearl emerges from the sea in Etaj's bay andcontinues arround Dusk forests to visit Mirror lakes. This happens during summer, every two years. 
He moves only at dawn and twilligh, so his path takes about one month there and back. He can be encountered at any part of that path.

But be aware! He's docile, unless you encounter him with weapon visibly on you. In that case he immidiately attacks or flees.

Visual resources:


Draw two pictures.
Non of them requires fullbody picture of mount, rider or Pearl in order to be acceped. 
Both parts can be done in one submission.
Allowed gear of items: Travel, miscelaneous
Considered stats: Endurace, courage, intellect, obedience
Score factors: EP, CP (first imperssion 1-10, rendering 1-10), basic picture point values identical with ruels of mount leveling

Part 1: preparations for travel. Ideas: stuyding maps, gathering resources, packing up, learning from NPC or other player about existance of Black Pearl, traveling and searching, any struggles you encountered on search...

Part 2: close encounter of Pearl. Is up to you whther it will be touch in peacful, nearly romantic manner, or if you had weapon on you and Pearl attacked or if your character will take more Roleplay-like turn and refuses to touch the Pearl when seeing him...


As 'fullfiling any wish' is a little abstract in terms of gameplay, let's set what rewards you can get within gameplay. Of course in terms of role play, your rider can wish anything besides immortality or rising of dead.
Ingame reward is ONE of following:
  • Mount of any rarity
  • Offspring birth without breeding picture  
  • Instant adulted offpsring without need of extra pictures
  • Complete restoration of defected mount (either temporary or permanently defected).
  • Bird dragon import
  • Complete redesign of mount within breed/subspecies
  • Removal of one mount marking.
  • Addition of one mount marking.
  • Base coat color change with keeping of markings.
  • Change of all markings with keeping base coat.
  • Gender change of mount 
  • Breed/subspecies/species change of mount with keeping of coat color and patterns (even with perks and transmogs, items made specificly for previous subspecies/species of mount might not be usable anymore).
  • One item of any rarity besides legendary 
  • Item rarity upgrade by one (not to legendary)
  • Complete item redesign
  • Editing item to be wearable by different kind of mount/character.
  • Perk
  • Removal of one perk
  • Removal of all perks
  • Transmog of first stage
  • Next stage of transmoged mount 
  • Previous stage of transmoged mount
  • Removal of  transmog
  • Sum of rits equal to 1/2 of your final score
  • Fame rise equeal to 1/4 of your final score
  • Number of nano mount point boosts equal to you score divided by 15, rounded up

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