Shots and shots

 "Dhid *hic* I evr told'ye that *hic* I chould shoot a flying bhird wit-without se-*hic*- seeing it?"
This is what you hear behind you while sitting in tavern. Who said it? Non else but an old drunkard, that is known for A. being most of the time absolutely wasted, and B. long years ago actually shooting a flying bird.

But you don't feel like having any of that bull***t today, so you decide to stand up and tell everyone, that you could do it too. Everyone in tavern is up to the show, and the bets start. But will you actually do it, if you will be drunk as a wasp? Let's find out.


It's very easy. The quest has two parts.
Draw one picture.
It shall depict your rider drinking shots of any hard liquor (whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, brandy...)  
Picture requires atleast halfbody rider.
Allowed gear of items: -
Considered stats: -
Score factors: admin roll on 20side DND dice + 30. The score will determine how many minutes you will have to draw part 2.

Draw one picture.
It shall depict your rider trying to shoot down a flying bird with any prefered weapon.
The picture from sketch to finish should be done in time set by the roll (admin will comment on how much time he rolled for you).
Now! I know I can't control or force anyone to keep this rule, but aim is to create the pic quickly and for fun no matter how shitty or unfinished it will be. You don't have to post it on dA if you don't want to, link to any web as reply to comment from admin will do just fine.


Liver failure. 
I am just joking. :D
  • Fame +3
  • Lucky glass shot (with design you used in part 1): If glass shot used in extra picture for event, give +1 common points.

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