Dragon winter Shadow - Campaign


See results of each assigment.

*REQUIRES ATLEST 6 PLAYERS. If there won't be enough registered people, I am not making this into campaign and it will stay as one quest.*

Once destroyd the world in Fire war, recreated it as act of repentance and giving up their lives makes them most contraversal creatures of Cesferus. The ancient ones have non known living representative, their lesser minded posterity still lives, but is precieved mostly with hatred. There is only few races worshiping dragons. To be exact only one - trolls habitating southwest Terrateka. But that belongs further into the story, let's return to the begginig.

It started on last Dragon Winter Show.
With attack of dumshans and slow rate of dragon reproduction, world is facing potential threat of feathertailed dragons dieout. This bothers especially dragon breeder Percival Peacemaker, who devoted his life to clense dragons of their fathers' guilt (also Perci wants a liiiiiitle bit of retribution, since dumoshans kinda murdered his bff dwagon).
Each coin has two sides, the other side of this coin are dumoshans - the dragon hunters.
You can join and be part of dragonkind fate. Either save them or eliminate. You pick the side.  


You character doesn't need to wear any kind of emblem or uniform or anything unless you want to. Also during campaign it is possible to change your side, but the choice should be story driven, not just "I want to be a dumoshan, coz it cool". For example if you decide to switch from Peacemaker to Dumoshan, you might have to kill your dragon.
Peacemakers - They really like dragons. Either owns a dragon, or are fascinated by dragons and would do anything to help them survive and clense their name. Peacemakers could be even sentient dragon who wants to save his kin and is travelling on his own. If your character is registered on Dragon Farms as dragon owner, he/she probably got letter from Percival, stating the situation.
Dumoshans -  They hate dragons, or are just driven by vision of wealth from dragon-related resources. Some hunt them for sports, some dragon hunters don't even call themself dumshan. Usually these have connection to higher ups and rich people who can affort to buy dragon trophies. More info on dumoshan here.
On a beggining of your journey your character either joined dumoshans, overheard conversation about topic, got somehow hands on letter from Percival, or is simply overall intersted in dragon hunting.



Objective: Pick your character and mounts you will use and create them common registration picture. 
Reg. picture will be your tracker image! 
Registration picture requirements: 
  • Main character has to be fullbody (any mount/character can participate, but all WoC characters - hummanoid / mount- you pick needs to be registered in group to be able to participate!)
  • Depict all items your charater takes on it's journey, you won't be allowed to add more of them wihout obtaining them on the journey (food and money doesn't need to be depicted, but weapons, clothes, camping and sleeping stuff, tack etc. needs to be if you want to have it with you on your journey.)
  • Characters need name (however you call them) in picture describtion and link to their group registration (if from WoC).
DEADLINE: 30th January 2022, on that date story will start. Registration will end 28th February, after that day you won't be able to join, tho I will provide some mid-run possibilies to sneak info campaign.


Usage of NPCs: If you want to add another “player” to a side, you have to book an NPC. Simply write under the assignment picture, that you will use the NPC for this assignment. However if you won’t use the NPC, you are not allowed to book it in the next assignment. 
Avaliable NPCs are mentioned on picture to each assigment.
Using group of mounts: If you use more mounts that travel as a group (on one picture) ability stats for mounts will be summed up divided by number of mounts and then taken as then added to the final score for the picture. Why? Well two horses won’t make you run faster, right? Or you can’t have a pony keeping up at full speed with a dragon. The dragon will have to go slower to still be in a group. You get the idea. 
Side that scores higher in assigment wins the assignment. 


picture is link to deviantArt


DEADLINE: 15th March     !!ENDED!!

A strange figure entered a dimly lit room with an even stranger small bloke sitting at the table. Burning candle casted sinister shadow on a stone wall behind the sitter and was making his face full of sharp dark areas. 
“Are you the one who recently joined the hunt?” asked the bloke calmly. 
“Yes,” the stranger answered and showed the Dumoshan seal. Small carving of impaled dragon on round piece of metal. “I’ve been told you will provide information about what needs to be done.”
“Correct. I’m Hakrugh, call me Hak. My job’s to coordinate hunters. You and a few others were assigned to a mission to prove your worth to Dumoshan company. Not that far from here, at foothills lives a certain man. He calls himself Nokar, and is known as a dragon healer. Unfortunately he is great at hiding his presence and is slipping us every time we try to eliminate him. It is more than fitting to task a newbie with this. Nokar doesn’t know your smell, so you have a higher chance to get close to him.” 
“Should I kill him?” the stranger asked. 
“Oh no, of course not.” answered Hak with slight amusement on his face. “I will do that myself. I have some… backlogs with that ol’ dusty cat. Tie him down and deliver him secretly to an abandoned house. Do you have a map?” 
Stranger pulled out a scroll of paper. Hak marked with a piece of carbon an X close to the location where they were now. 
“There. I will await you in one month from now.” It seemed like Hak finished his speech and layed back on a chair more comfortably. Stranger kept standing there. 
“What are you waiting for? A kiss on a forehead? Go, be useful, rookie.” 
 Stranger nor Hak knew that they were heard by a pair of curious ears and the secrets are about to be revealed to someone, who will not appreciate it and will do anything to save Nokar. The Peacemakers. 


Draw one picture. 
Draw: secretly watching Nokar, setting traps perhaps, traveling through wilderness, camping, fighting with wildlife, finding clues of Nokar’s presence, tracking, meeting other participants 
Nokar doesn’t have to be visible at all. 
Don’t draw: Any close interaction with Nokar! Why? This is the first part of a task. Close interaction with Nokar will be in the next assignment and will depend on the winner of this assignment. 
Ambience: partially snowy coniferous forest foothills with large rocks and boulders, cold weather, clouded, windy, light snowing. Nokars hideout is behind a frozen waterfall. 
Picture requires some obvious sign of the rider's presence (rider itself, campside, identifiable shadow etc.) Mount isn’t necessary, but it can provide help if depicted.
- Allowed gear of items: travel, battle 
- Considered stats: endurance, courage, speed 
- Score factors: ability stats, item stats, six sided dice 
- Helpful item: If you took some sort of binoculars or night vision potion, you have extra +2 


Draw one picture. 
Dumoshan: Hunt down female wyvern
Peacemaker: Mark female wyvern with colored metal ring around a horn. 
Adds +3 points to the overall score of your side per picture.  
Max 2 pictures per player.


picture is link to deviantArt 


DEADLINE: 30th April

„We have no time to spare. It took us already long enough to just find you. First of all Nokar, Dumoshans are after you. We don’t know exactly why yet, but you must accept the protection that Percival offers for so long. Mountain foothills are teeming with enemy scouts.“ Rozzy, little she-gnome, was talking fast and she seemed quite pissed.
They were walking up hill through sparse coniferous forest. Besides her and Nokar they had quite a company that looked more like personal army. The brave adventurers that joined forces to find Nokar were great help even now. Rozzy was tasked to escort Nokar to town of Woln. The most secret of towns Colderrian crown had. It wasn’t captured on most maps, since city was build as sanctuary for publicly threatened citizens of high value. Lately a lot of them were dragon riders trying to escape from sight of hunters.
Hunters didn’t know the town’s location, atleast that’s what was Rozzy always told.
She was proven wrong less than hour later.
“This is the safe heaven where am I supposed to be protected?” grinned Nokar, when they saw down in valley fairly large town, but clearly in peril.
“Yes but-but-“ Rozzy was nearly speechless for a while.
From forest next to the town emerged silhouette of a dragon, flying straight for the town. With elegant arch it gained height and swooped down amongst gryphons that were clearly attacking the town. The dragon took large inhale and fired white cloud of frost into the streets.
“Why is a dragon attacking town?!” Nokars grin was gone.
“I have to find out,” Rozzy answered. “You!” she called on large group of various hummanoids. “Please protect Nokar at all costs. If a dragon went crazy, we will need his services to cure it. Cautiously continue towards Woln, I will ask elven guardians to go meet you on the way.”
She mounted up on her little pony and hurried down the hill.   


Draw one picture.
Ambience: snowy foothills, there can be fortified medieval town visible in valley with fight going on. Weather is cloudy. Don't draw burning town. Noone is using fire in this fight. Peacemaker group is travelling together, you can depict other participants, but it's not necessary.
Domushans and Elven guardians can be depicted as riders without mounts, or mounts without riders or fighting on ground, it's okay.
Visible NPCs:

Option A
Draw: Making a company to Nokar, while travelling towards town of Woln. Your characters should look ready for fight, but not too flashy about it, since it would be best, if you wasn't attacked. Your picture MUST contain Nokar.
Option B
Draw: You go into offensive and are heading in front of group to fight Dumoshans that might cross your way. That can happen even very close to the group. Can contain fighting alongside elven guardians, fighting with dumoshans, watching fightscene, acompaning Rozzy on a way.

Option A
Draw: Stalking Nokar's escort, watching it, or launching for attack. You can ask other participants, if they would like to fight your cahracter. Your picture MUST contain Nokar.
Option B
Draw: Heading towards city to fight Elven Guardians and support your dumoshan comrades. Can contain fight with elven guardians, watching fightscene, avoiding dragon.
- Allowed gear of items: battle
- Considered stats: courage, resistance, dreadness
- Score factors: ability stats, item stats, ten sided dice


Draw one picture. 
Dumoshan: Plant a trap to slow down escort.
Peacemaker: Disarm dumoshan trap.
Adds +3 points to the overall score of your side per picture.  
Max 2 pictures per player.


DEADLINE: 30th June

    Dumoshans are no easy enemy. Especially when traps of powerfull allies are involved. Or perhaps Danarion is just too reckles, who knows.
    Either way the smart magical trap complicated things quite a lot and a powerfull battle unit was lost in confusion and is unable to join the fight.
    King Einar decided to take care of raging dragon shapeshifter and thus got slightly delayed. Rest of the group safely arrived into the city, to witness half frozen streets and water dragoness saddled by dumoshan rider.
    City guard has hands full with dumoshan foot troops and S.A.F. is trying to deal with outnumber of dumoshan gryphon riders.
    Rozzy is nowhere to be seen, but Nokar seems to know the town better than expected.
    „Come with me, I gotta hide.“ He tells his escort. He leads them to one of towers with stables nearby. Luckily there are no attackers along the way, only panicking citizens.
    „Okay I can take care of myself now on. Everyone who is able of flight should go help elven guards. The rest will help city guards with other dumoshan attackers. I must stay here, as there’s doorway to the laboratories underneath the town. I have feeling that this in only a tip of iceberg of what dumoshans prepared for this attack, so I will be working on something that can counterbalance their forces. Try to catch the dragoness, I want to speak with her. Don’t waste any time, I hope we can prevent more desctuction of the city.“
    With that the group is about to leave.
    „Wait,“ Nokar stops them. „This is dangerous, take surcoats of cityguard, so everyone knows which side you are on.“ He nods his head towards rack with yellow and red colored clothes.


Draw one picture.
Ambience: Medieval town, architecture of medieval england or france. Few fortresses and town walls are visible. Some building are covered with ice from dragonesses attacks, there's a lot of dmoshans running around, lot of people that fight even though they are no guard nor soldiers. Lot's of city guards with spears, bows corsbows etc.  
Vissible NPCs:
See previous assigment. 
NOTE: Peacemakers need to wear surcoat of city guard! (Red and yellow cloth, that is worn atop armor. You can see on picutre on side.

Draw: Fighting. Draw your rider in some kind of conflict with dumoshan unit. The comflict doesn't have to be fighting in itself. It can also be running, or waiting for ambush. Each picture needs to have visible atleast 1 of your riders and 1 enemy.
For peacemakres: Dumoshans 
For dumoshans: Cityguards and S.A.F. Dumoshans can also kill regular citizens or destroy buildings, they don't really have problem with that.

- Allowed gear of items: battle
- Considered stats: courage, resistance, dreadness
- Score factors: ability stats, item stats, twenty sided dice


Draw one picture. 
Dumoshan: Sneak mission to find way into the laboratires.
Peacemaker: Capture the dragoness.
Adds +3 points to the overall score of your side per picture.  
Max 2 pictures per player.


Draw one picture. 
Dumoshan: Set ablaze the town.
Peacemaker: Put out fires nearby town created by raging Danarion.
Adds +3 points to the overall score of your side per picture.  
Max 2 pictures per player.


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