Colderrian Grand Prix 2021

Not the typical obstacle run. I mean like, yeah you can join that too, but this years great show is strength contest of horses VS bears!


Mount: Horses, bears*
Rider: Adults only
Rope wrestling, grand prix

*any ridable horse or bear breed, not just Colderra

DEADLINE: 30th November

Entry made till 30th september +5 score points
Entry made till 15th october +2 score points

Comment under journal with link to horse/bear and rider, you will get number.

Held: Zoltar race area
Zoltar is area in boggy marshes. Surrounding landscape of race area is very waterlogged, there grows a lots of bulrush and heather. Some occasional trees. For example: alder, willow and rhododdendron bushes.
Trees already shed leafs and are colored in autumn colors.
You can see a lot of little muddy ponds around everywhere, rocks, mountains in distance. Whole zoltar area is quite flat.
Weather is overall changable, sun/clouds/rain, it can change any minute. Mist could be present too.
visual ref for landscape would be pretty much scottish bogland.

Main dicscipline

Horse harnessed on one side of the rope, bear harnessed on the other side of the rope. Standing in a circle. Now pull. Which animal if first out of the ring wins. 
You can pick whether you use horse or bear as your animal, the other animal will be either NPC or someones else. 
Ring is placed in middle of track area. The diameter is 5 meters, rope has 2.5 meters. Ground of a ring is mud, animals may slip, so you can involve even some crazy movement action.
Entry: Draw your animal wrestling with other animal in a circle. Always a bear against a horse. Poses can by various, collabs are allowed. Atleast one animal should be fullbody, but if composition will benefis from partial depiction, I allow it. 
Numbers should be visible, but again, if composition benefots from not visible number, I allow it.
Harness tack is a MUST! Rope will be attached to it.
Rider is optional, as he can guide the animal, but isn't mandatory.
Considered stats (see ability stats)
In this competition I will consider also inborn properties of your animal.
  • Endurance - because sometimes the higher level of stamina will bring you victory
  • Strength - because this is strength based competition
  • Obedience - becuase you need animal to focus and go even through discomfort
Considered gear (see collecting items)
Mount - Travel gear - bridle, chest (harness), back (harness). 
Items that have no reason to help in practical ways will NOT be considered as source of bonus points.

How will be overall winner determinated?
Well, in terms of gameplay, via final point score. In terms of roleplay animals are ranked by how well they performed, and how long it took them to get out of circle.

Is all around circle behind fairly short wooden fence.

Side discipline

Classical GrandPrix with bears and horses. For inspiration check folders on dA with previous years. 
Your animals and rider will need proper CGPx tack. Not having the tack is reason for disqualification.
Obstacles are either the set ones or you can modify them in design (keep the simple or medieval style please. I might make them official for next year to refresh old designs)

Entry: Depict your rider and animal in any part of the race either solo or with other contestans (if there are non or not enough, you can made them up with NPC animals). 
Rider is required for the entry, I will penalize if his face won't be visible (unless composition allows it). Same goes for mount. Fullbody is required. Don't crop part of mount off by end of picture. Partly covered by other rider due composition is okay.
Considered stats (see ability stats)
In this competition I will consider also inborn properties of your animal.
  • Endurance - because sometimes the higher level of stamina will bring you victory
  • Speed - in race speed is quite usefull
  • Obedience - becuase you need animal to focus
  • Jumping - because it will jump. A lot.
Considered gear (see collecting items)
Mount and rider - Travel gear - approved custom CGPx tack (could be won in previous CGPx)


 1st place
- placed pin badge
- crafted epic item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- 6 fame 
- 10 rits (Colderrian currency)
- three medium point boosts
- sticker by Naia-art

2nd place
- placed pin badge
- crafted rare item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- free perk
- 5 fame 
- 6 rits (Colderrian currency)
- three small point boosts
- sticker by Naia-art
- pick one Taskanian Njord, Woltlend warcher or Morvac'h semi-custom by Efirende

3rd place
- placed pin badge
- crafted uncommon item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- free perk
- 4 fame 
- 3 rits (Colderrian currency)
- three nano point boosts

All other places
- participation pin badge
- every participant will get one participation token
- 1 fame 
- 1 rits (Colderrian currency)


Extra points:

SPREADING A WORD: +1 (journal, poll, etc, include the link to entry describtion)
Including watchers of show or other riders:  +1-20 per all (depends on quality of their render AND composition usage. Watchers can be random humans, elves, dwarves... or yours or someone elses OCs, depends on you.)

Extra pictures: cleaning mud of animal after race or strength competition. 1-15 points, depending on quality. This picutre can be posted after entry pic.

Also be sure to check, if your mount has any EP you could use (Mount and Character ranking) or any tack/accesory, that might increase your score. If they have EP, mention their ammount in entry describtion plase.
Items and abilites (see describitons of race).

Point system for both disciplines:
Headshot - Disqualification
Entry not made by you: Disqalification
Reused old picture: Disqualification

Detailed Shading +3 points
Plain Shading + 2 points
No Shading - 0 points

Correct detailed background +3 points
Correct simple background +2 points
Incorrect background -2 points
Photo background -Disqualification

Judges Decision:
Immpresion = 0-15
Creativity = 0-15
Rendering = 0-20

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