Azol'Amath Carnival 2021


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"I want my head technician and delegate from Azol'Amath. Now!" exclaimed Mikelon in middle of council, which rudely interrupted speaking zeman*. Everything went quiet and all eyes turned to little blonde man with white crown and blue regal robes.
"My lord," started cancler cautiously, "We are in middle of serious discussion, now it's not time to-"

"Oh please, spare me," answered king. "Your 'serious discussion' will lead to conlusion I stated half an hour ago, but non of you understood what I ment, so now you have to come to the conclusion by yourself. In meantime I came up with new interesting discipline that will be enjoyable for our naga allies. All you need is underwater race track, couple of harnessed nagians and carriage with frontal see-through coverige and with no wheels. Also hydrodynamic design should be considered to minimalize decelarion caused by movement through water mass..." with this he stood up and turned to leave the room without any anouncement of how long he'll be missing.

*zeman means basically thane, or generally high landlord who takes care over shires

So. Now you know how this idea came to be.

You and your nagian unicorn/unicorns will be main actors in this event. It's basically carriage race with underwater twist. I am seriously curious about your carriage designs...or should I say your personal carriage submarines? Let's be real here. It's all about submarines (someone played Subnautica recently xD).


Mount: Nagian unicorn or other aquatic harnessable animal/equine is welcome. Only adult animals.
No age restrictions for riders
it's something that will move through water and possibly atop of water. If you have nagian, no needs to worry about ogyxen or pressure, as unicorn can protect you (well if you trust that it will xD if your unicorn is a little bit** that I reccomend taking breathing and preassure matters to your own hands xD). Number of harnessed animals is fully up to you, same as number of riders you will pick.

DEADLINE: 31st August

Entry made till 15th july +5 score points

No pereregistration needed!
But for link under picture include please mount or rider name, link back to this journal.

This time area isn't Echo Islands. It's held closer to Schmerglav, wchich results into slightly colder water (imagine coasts of northern France for example). The track will lead through 5 distinc biomes in depths ranging from 0-200m. (each picture is clickable link!)
ENTRY can be any part of the race track. All riders go in same time, you can include others carriages.

Track is marked by faintly bluishly glowing buyos attached by chains (sometimes very long chains) to seafloor. In most cases buyos are not more than 10m from eachother. Exception is sandy seashelf. There are buyos further apart, as visibility is very good. Some buyos can be already covered in sealife such as algae, black mussels or barnacles.

0m - Surface area 
Étretat, Normandy 2
Surface area is track dicercly atop on water! (Nagians can walk on water) or you can keep half submerged/or breefly merged as when swimming. This area can have two background options: basically no background structures or landscape with only miles of ocean visibly. Sky, clouds and perhaps some distant islands. Option two is little more complex, with high grassy cliffs (such as on picture) and short lightly colored beaches. The shapes of cliffs are not strictly set. The picture is only "kinda-like-that" reference. Weather is up to you, but if you choose storm, or heavy rain, remember there should be way larger waves even though it's close to beach.
10-15m - Sandy seashelf
background, blue, floor, ocean, sand, sea, seabed, under, underwater, water, wet
With no seagrass or anything, not even rocks. Just sand, sand everywhere. This spot is great place for cloudy atmosferic pictures with sand cloud effects. Color of sand is pale yellow, but not entirely white as tropical areas. But this is just a detail, if done differently it will not count as failed ambience depiction.
15-40m - Kelp forest
Area of tall kelp alleys swarming with life. Sealions, otters, purple urchins, grouper shoals and such creatures. Light is dimmed by kelps and it turns into sorta rich, bluish-greenish color. Track doesn't lead stricly on sea bottom, it's positioned more in middle ground. But once again, just a detail. If you wish to go on bottom among kelp roots, it's up to you.

40-180m - The ridges
A dramatic underwater landscape.
Steep cliffs and rigdes leading you to the depths. This part makes your subma-emh carriage go in angle either up or down, because track leads to the depth or back to shallower areas. Life on the cliffs is sparse, mostly plankton and larger fish, such as groupers. These fish stick closer to rocks. Occasinal larg shoal of mackrel or sardine can be found too.

180-200m - Hydrothermal vent
Deep-sea fish use hydrothermal vents to incubate eggs
Water in shades of dark indigo, with not much light from surface. Sharp thorn like rock structures everywhere releasing sulfurous tectonic gasses. Here you are allowed to include strange creatuers, lighting fauna and flora and make it overall more interesting. Not strictly, you can keep it dark and moody, but if you want some curiosity and extravagance, bioluminescent creature are always good way. Track leads inbetween the thermal vents and by default checkpoints are only very dimly lit, so I would reccomand having somehow your own source of light for carriage.
If you want something bit more challenging and adrenalineous... you can include deepsea levithan. This cute baby grows up to 10-12m and sometimes visits hydrothermal vents.


Special categories:

Floatey-boatey - most ridiculous carriage design that can be possibly done. Please do not take this as an insult or anything :D. If you don't want to get this title for any reason, just let me know in describtion of your entry. It's mostly for people who would love to goof around.

Sea rocket - carriage that taken from logical point of view seems as the best hydrodynamic solution with well thought through system of control.
Eye candy - the most fancy looking carriage, but with fetures that make it into atleast seemingly working construction.
1st place
- trophy
- placed ribbon
- crafted epic item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- 5 fame 
- 10 rits (Colderrian currency)
- three medium point boosts

2nd place
- trophy
- placed ribbon
- crafted rare item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- free perk
- 4 fame 
- 6 rits (Colderrian currency)
- three small point boosts 

3rd place
- placed ribbon
- crafted uncommon item (mount equip, jewelery etc.)
- free perk
- 3 fame 
- 3 rits (Colderrian currency)
- three nano point boosts  

All other places
- participation ribbon
- every participant will get one participation token
- 1 fame 
- 1 rits (Colderrian currency)


Extra points:

SPREADING A WORD: +1 (journal, poll, etc, include the link to entry describtion)
Including watchers of show:  +1-3 per each (depends on quality of their render. Maximal number is 3 watchers. Watchers can be random naga, or yours or someone elses OCs, depends on you.) (max +9)
Including wild sea creatures: +1-3 per each (depends on quality of their render. Maximal number is 3 animals.) (max +9, schoals of fish counts as 1 per each)
Other participants included in entry: +1-15 (depends on visibility/render)

Extra pictures: 
Carriage design sheet: +10-40 (Basically concept art for your carriage design. Notes and explanations of certain design choices will be welcomed. You can include rider and mounts on the sheet if you wish too. Additinal zooms on details or carriage depicted from more angles will be rewarded by higher score)

Also be sure to check, if your mount has any EP you could use (Mount and Character ranking) or any tack/accesory, that might increase your score. If they have EP, mention their ammount in entry describtion plase.

Point system for both disciplines:

Half/Partial body of vessel - Disqualification
Headshot - Disqualification
Entry not made by you: Disqalification
Reused old picture: Disqualification
Not visible face of rider: Disqualification (meaning: for example if rider is facing camera and his face is not rendered, or riders head is cut out by egde of picture. In case rider is facing away from camera, or something is blocking his face, it's acceptable. Of course applies only if you decide to picture rider)

Detailed Shading +3 points
Plain Shading + 2 points
No Shading - 0 points

Correct detailed background +3 points
Correct simple background +2 points
Incorrect background -2 points
Photo background -Disqualification

Long Story (+1000 words) +3 points
Medium Story (+500 words) +2 points
Short story (+100 words) +1 point
No story - 0 points

Judges Decision:
Immpresion = 0-15
Creativity = 0-15
Rendering = 0-20
Sea vessel practicality = 0-5 points

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